Rock climbing on El Chorro Rock wall

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Somebody had set this up as if it were in Sardinia! El Chorro is in Andalucia! Spain, north of Malaga. I don't know if the correct flag will appear now. Nope! but at least the map is right now.

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  1. Kasper W
    Kasper W
    El Chorro

    Looking for sport climbing partners. I climb around 6a+ but happy to belay on anything.

  2. artiom
    El Chorro

    Hello! Going on bike trip to spain and planning to climb a little on my way. Not very sure about the dates and place but contact me if you need climbing

    • artiom
      artiom 21 weeks ago

      P.S. Forgot to say my level is maximum 6b+ sometimes i do 6c but it takes a lot of try and fail. Can lead climb and belay.

  3. Daniel Moss
    Daniel Moss
    El Chorro

    Hi, I am looking for a climbing partner for a few days at El Chorro. I can lead sport up to about 6b+. Please let me know if you are interested. cheers, Daniel p.s. I know it is hot but there are places which are shaded!

  4. pablo flores
    pablo flores
    El Chorro

    Need a partner for these dates. Should know the area well by then, as I will have spent two weeks in El Chorro in March.

  5. Holly Doran
    Holly Doran
    El Chorro

    Looking ahead a bit, I know, but I'm thinking about Easter in El Chorro and currently partnerless, anyone fancy joining? :)

  6. craig
    El Chorro

    Hey my partner pulled out on me between these dates so if anyone is up for a climb in El chorro then let me know.

    • Dejan
      Dejan 60 weeks ago

      Hey. I on the same boat. Email me 4 more info

  7. donWolf Konecny
    donWolf Konecny
    El Chorro

    Hello. I'm looking for a partner for the month of February 2014. I might not go if I can't organize a partner, so contact me! I'd be looking for accommodation, and a partner. I climb in the 10s sport. I'm coming from california but you can be coming from … ...

    • Julia Lubawinski
      Julia Lubawinski 61 weeks ago

      Hi, I had the same idea to go climbing to el chorro. Unfortunately I'm a beginner and have only been a couple times on real rock. But maybe you could imagine a climbing trip anyways?! Cheers Julia

  8. Martin Levy Anderson
    Martin Levy Anderson
    El Chorro

    On a family holiday at Ronda 23.12.13-03.01.13. looking to do a few days climbing at El Chorro (Spain) or elsewhere in Andalucia. contact me by txt 00447522159334 or email or forum. martin

  9. Tom Muirhead
    Tom Muirhead
    El Chorro

    Anyone available to climb in El Chorro or Malaga area now? I have equipment and transport.... My number is 07852569374

  10. kristy shelley
    kristy shelley
    El Chorro

    32yr Female, looking for climbing partner, anywhere in Spain really. have rope and draws leading up to 6b following 7a. Kristy

  11. Daniel Longster
    Daniel Longster
    El Chorro

    Im living in Andalusia for the next two years and would like to get out climbing as much as possible, San Bartolo is my nearest crag but also happy to travel to El Chorro and other crags for weekends etc. Give me a shout if interested … ...

  12. Simon Wacker
    Simon Wacker
    El Chorro

    Hey there, I am looking for a climbing partner to climb at some spot near Málaga on the 14th, 15th, 21st and 22nd. I have six years experience. I'd also like to know if there are some deep water soloing spots in Málaga and surroundings and some sla … ...

  13. Marianne Hage
    Marianne Hage
    El Chorro

    Hi, I`m a norwegian girl how want to climb outdoor El Chorro or next to Nerja for the periode 5-13 July. I top row and lead at 5+ 6- (european grades) Please contact me on mail - or on this site!

  14. Ninka
    El Chorro

    Hi, I am looking for a climbing partner, to climb in Andalucia in this month. Especially in La Muela, Archidona.

  15. Katy Miller
    Katy Miller
    El Chorro

    I will be in Spain during this time following a study abroad trip and would love to find someone to climb with! Anywhere in France or Spain would be ideal!

  16. b32f9358
    El Chorro

    I am interested in staying at The Olive Branch; looking for sport partners including some multi-pitch. BTW the Italian flag on this profile is wrong; El Chorro is near Malaga, Andalucia, Spain.

  17. Andy Baguley
    Andy Baguley
    El Chorro

    Great Place, loads of options across all grades and great weather.

  18. Andy Baguley
    Andy Baguley
    El Chorro

    Week Climbing in the Winter Sun at El Chorro

  19. Christopher Atkinson
    Christopher Atkinson
    El Chorro

    I'm at El Chorro

  20. Renna Clifford
    Renna Clifford
    El Chorro

    My first outdoor lead experience, great place to enter the outdoor world of lead climbing... beautiful rock, honest grades, diverse range of styles and crags to choose from, beautiful surroundings plus climbers bar/hostel to wind down in after a long day ...