Rock climbing on Grotto Rock wall

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Excuse me climber, would you like cracks or juggy sport climbing today? Take your pick at the Grotto, a great climbing destination at least three seasons of the year. Routes are almost all under a half pitch, so they can be toproped after a leader sets up an anchor off the chains. The rock here has been known to shift or fall, so please climb carefully and inspect bolts and anchors whenever you use them. Otherwise, enjoy the fantastic array of cracks, from thin fingers through to nasty offwidths. The sport climbing in the Ort wall opposite the cracks gives a completely different workout and features some quality routes that have inspired routesetters from climbing gyms.

Access crosses private property. Please be respectful of the landowners and close gates after you pass through them.

Grotto climbs, routes & problems

5.10a Hole In The Wall Hole In The Wall Not yet rated
5.10c Ortman Complex Ortman Complex Not yet rated
5.10d AC Devil Dog thumbnail Not yet rated
5.10d Misperception Misperception Not yet rated

5.10d Rawhide Rawhide Not yet rated
5.11b Geronimo Geronimo Not yet rated
5.11b Snake Bite Snake Bite Not yet rated
5.12a Men's Crisis Center Men's Crisis Center Not yet rated
5.8 Bandito Bandito Not yet rated

5.9 Go With the Flow Go With the Flow Not yet rated
5.9 Granted Granted Not yet rated
V0 Three Fingered Jack Three Fingered Jack Not yet rated

  1. Chris Kang
    Chris Kang

    I'm at Grotto

  2. Chris Kang
    Chris Kang

    I'm at Grotto

  3. Miki

    I'm at Grotto with Benny Kong and Mani with Meetup team. Everyone's cool and fun, made this overcast day super fun!

    • 5.10b Color Coded Quickdraws
    • 5.9 Sidesaddle
    • 5.10d Clip Clip Wow
    • 5.8 Cowboy Up
    • 5.9 Table Manners
    • 5.8 Roe vs Wade

  4. Bruce

    I'm at Grotto

  5. Tim Camuti
    Tim Camuti

    Cracks and sport, and both are quality and good to climb for most of the year round. Only thing missing is easier multipitch- you need to lead 5.12+ to hit the multipitch routes here. The first pitches range from 5.8 on up, so enjoy fantastic climbing!

  6. Jared

    I'm at Grotto

  7. Cary Croopnick
    Cary Croopnick

    My first roped climb!