Rock climbing Godman Creek, Canada

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V0-V6 mostly

V0: Anti-Venom, Snakes and Ladders, Tic Tac Toe, Walk Hard, Stay-Puft, Marshmallow Man, Six-Shooter, Placid Falls, Gooey Goodness

V1: Easter Island, Rockhopper Slab, Kona Slab, Moby Dick, Baby Dick, One Inch Punch

V2: Trouser Trumpet, Cube Root, Up Anchor!, Root of All Evil, Twice Shy, Bee Train

V3: Tiny Tim, TV, East of Easter, Kracken, Shineater, Ripley

V4: Jenga, Logo, Trent’s Baby, Black Sugar, Humbug, Face Hugger

V5: Sailors Prayer, Small is Good

This map of rock climbing around Godman Creek, Canada , is a summary showing Godman Creek's outdoor rock climbing locations. If any of Godman Creek's outdoor climbing falls within one of Godman Creek's sub climbing areas, including Vancouver Island click through to that sub area to see individual Godman Creek boulders & Godman Creek outdoor rock walls in that area.

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