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The forest of Fontainebleau sits just south of Paris and is home to some of the best bouldering in the world. Out-of-this-world sandstone boulders sit in beautiful forests of pine, oak, birch, fern, moss, and fungus. Sandy landings, easy accessibility, and unique features draw climbers from all over the world, and the many paths and trails through the forest are popular with locals picnic-ers, trekkers, equestrians, boar and bird hunters, truffle hunters, cyclists, and many other manner of outdoor enthusiasts. Many separate areas within the greater forest offer everything from colored circuits of varying difficulties to individual problems in the woods. Though climbing has been taking place for almost a century, new development is constant and over 4,000 problems can be found in the various available guidebooks. [this is a work in progress--jph]

This map of rock climbing around Fontainebleau, France , is a summary showing Fontainebleau's indoor climbing gyms and Fontainebleau's outdoor rock climbing locations. If any of Fontainebleau's outdoor climbing falls within one of Fontainebleau's sub climbing areas, including Essonne, Les Béorlots, Cul de Chien, Bas Cuvier & Cuvier Rempart click through to that sub area to see individual Fontainebleau boulders & Fontainebleau outdoor rock walls in that area.

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