Rock climbing Orpierre, France

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This map of rock climbing around Orpierre, France , is a summary showing Orpierre's outdoor rock climbing locations. click through to that sub area to see individual Orpierre boulders & Orpierre outdoor rock walls in that area.

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Outdoor climbing locations, i.e rock walls & boulders in Orpierre

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Indoor climbing walls in Orpierre

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Top climbs around Orpierre
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  • Liza Novak
    Liza Novak

    Lovely old village... a climbing store (where you can buy a guide), two restaurants, a church and old stone houses (centuries old!), surrounded by rock and rock and ROCK ;) A nice camping site. Rocks rule, but it gets a bit boring after climbing. We climbed there in summer - only one section was in shadow, and every other was hot hot hot.