Rock climbing Renningen Naturtheater, Germany

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This map of rock climbing around Renningen Naturtheater, Germany , is a summary showing Renningen Naturtheater's outdoor rock climbing locations. click through to that sub area to see individual Renningen Naturtheater boulders & Renningen Naturtheater outdoor rock walls in that area.

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Rock Climbing Renningen Naturtheater

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  • Simon Byrne
    Simon Byrne

    Ok this bouldering spot is a very nice place for a visit. There is loads of parking, it's easy to find and it provides a good after work workout. The difficult varies on what you wish to try. Locals have some boulder problems but there are no official boulder problems here. If you chat with the regulars they will point you at some good problems to try, other than that make it up yourself. In general the wall is not too hard to climb. Most people will just traverse it backwards and forwards. The pockets and cracks are the main features. For any problems you want to try straight up then a bouldering mat may be handy as the wall is up to 4 meters high (but the top is brittle, lose and dirty). In the summer evenings the sun can be too hot so then best climbed in the shade. The quarry does act as a sun trap. Overall for a complete beginner this place may be just a little too hard but if your in the area it is worth a look! A negative point, this place can be very busy in the evenings and as the wall is not very big over crowding can be a big problem. Also for those wishing for something really hard and overhanging, you will not find it here.