Rock Climbing Social Network

Climbfind is the world's newest and fastest growing rock climbing social network. Members are active in The USA, Canada, England, Scotland, Australia, Germany and many other countries. Climbfind was built to help you find indoor climbing partners and when you're ready to climb outdoors you can also use it to search for outdoor rock climbing partners. It helps you become familiar with other climbers who climb at the same places as you. When you begin building up your climbing history via your Logbook, Climbfind starts to suggest to you other climbers who have climbed where you have climbed.

See who's rock climbing

Climbfind provides the ability to log the rock climbing places you visit. Rock climbing areas and locations in our World Rock Climbing Database include indoor rock climbing facilities (a.k.a. rock gyms/ indoor climbing walls) as well as outdoor rock walls & boulders. Your visits are visible to other members and you can see where others are climbing and what climbs they've tried in the climbing feed.

Finding new climbing buddies

Climbfind is the world's most advanced and powerful social networking resource for finding climbing partners.

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