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Shongweni is Durbans Premier climbing area, offering spectacular winter climbing in its caves between April and September. However historically some of its crags suffer from crime and so it is worth talking to locals to learn the current situation.

In high summer (late Dec to mid Jan) most of Shongweni will be too wet to climb, with exceptions of Old Shongweni. As these closures are seasonal a drier summer or a spell of dry days could temporarly open the crags to climbing.

Rasta Cave and Wave Cave are the most commonly dangerous areas, with one incident at Magnetic wall in 2004 at the height of the crime period. In Dec 2010 there was the last incident, at Wave Cave. One can hire a guard for R15/hour. This might sound extreme and incidence are rare, however it is not recomended to bring valuables to those crags unless the situation has been calm for a while.

Delvilllewood, Truckyard and old Shongweni crags all offer excellent- and always safe- climbing, however access to Delvillewood may vary due to road conditions, especially in summer.

If you are in South Africa in winter and want to sport climb without getting too cold in Boven, Shongweni and Kloof would be your best bet

This map of rock climbing around Shongweni, South Africa , is a summary showing Shongweni's outdoor rock climbing locations. click through to that sub area to see individual Shongweni boulders & Shongweni outdoor rock walls in that area.

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