Search for Rock Climbing Partners

Climbfind was born in 2008 with one (and only one) feature called the PartnerCall™ which helps you search for and find rock climbing partners as late as a few hours before you decide you want to climb. It is a great help if your partner bails on your last minute, if you're looking to make new climbing buddies or you want to hit the road a meet climbers while you travel. In fact, we did such a good job specializing in helping thousands of climbers find a climbing partner, with just this feature, in a few short years we grew into one of the world's largest rock climbing communities.

PartnerCalls™ & PartnerCall Subscriptions™ for finding a Climbing Partner

The Climbfind vision is to help you "Find someone to climb with anywhere in the world on any given day". By sticking to our guns and staying focused on our primary partner matching aim, we're getting pretty close! Through the use of PartnerCall™ Subscriptions each time you post you're on the search for a climbing partner, 10's or even 100's of other climbers receive an email that you want to climb at the same place they are looking for climbing partners.

Indoor Climbing Partners

With the release of Climbfind Mobile finding indoor rock climbing partners goes to a whole new level. You can post "In gym" PartnerCalls™ which are picked up by other members that are checked in to the same gym and have push notifications enabled.

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