World Rock Climbing Database

Since 2008 users from over 170 countries have been adding content and climbing places to Climbfind's rock climbing database, so that members can find a place and a partner to climb with anywhere in the world!

Climbfind's newly rebuilt (2011) climbing database is 'geographically aware & intelligent' leveraging powerful spatial mathematics to provide the most sophisticated rock climbing search and navigation available on the internet today. You can browse the database top down using the World Rock Climbing by Country index, or use our Rock climbing search engine to instantaneously navigate to any city with climbing, climbing area, indoor climbing gym, outdoor rock wall or boulder.

Rock Climbing Maps

The Climbfind climbing database has also grown out of maps, not just names. Search by city, climbing area, single rock wall, boulder or indoor climbing destination in the search box up to top, or browse and search by map to find climbs in your own backyard or far across the globe. Simply start at The Country Level, browse down to The Province / State, then to The City, followed by The Climbing Area and finally The Location (rock wall or boulder).

Cities with rock climbing & indoor climbing

Climbfind has the most complete listing of climbing gyms on the internet (born out of the road tripping of the Australian founders through the UK, Canada, USA, Argentina, and many other international destinations) and our users keep adding indoor and outdoor locations the whole world over!

Climbfind let's anyone add cities with indoor rock climbing and outdoor climbing locations to our database. You can also browse existing cities like Vancouver, New York City, Boulder, Colorado and many more.

User generated climbing database

If climbing you know of is not in our system, you can add photos, videos, directions, the location on the map, access issues, all the details to let other climbers know the amazing opportunities that exist all around the globe!

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